What podcasts should I be listening to and why?

My top 5 list is:

1. WNYC’s Radiolab – the ultimate podcast, Top Gear style production, this is how every podcast should be
2. TEDTalks – nuff said
3. Underreported from WNYC’s Leonard Lopate Show – runs often, wide variety of topics, most are interesting
4. SALT Seminars About Long Term Thinking – great topics, great speakers, from The Long Now Foundation
5. The Economist: The week ahead - to get a headstart on the week, though I’d rather have a Monday edition (this is a Friday edition)

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Many people travel with their own supply of water and an industrial vat of hand sanitizer. I can say in full honestly that I have never used hand sanitizer or gone out of my way to avoid contact with germs during my travels. It is true that in many places you can get nasty illnesses from drinking untreated water, but I don’t think this means you have be a traveling Howard Hughes. Unless you have a particularly weak immune system or other illness, I wouldn’t worry too much about local bugs.


7) The rest of the world isn’t full of germs: 20 Things I’ve Learned From Traveling

halva puri cholay or halva puri, for short, consists of two separate dishes, halva, a sweet made from semolina, and aloo cholay, a spicy chickpea-and-potato curry eaten with puri, a small circular deep-fried flat bread. Siri paya is eaten with naan (siri paya is a stew made of cow, goat or lamb’s brain and feet. “Siri” means the head of the animal and “paya” its feet. It is considered a delicacy. Nihari is a stew made from beef or lamb and curry. Nihari is also eaten with naan bread. Lassi is a drink made from milk and yogurt, served in sweet, and rarely, in salty flavor. What are you having for breakfast?


The traditional breakfast in Pakistan is usually a heavy meal.